Why use SnipeStation?

SnipeStation is the first and only TOTALLY FREE online eBay sniper!

SnipeStation automates the process of placing your eBay bid, allowing you to place bids with just seconds to go, significantly increasing your chances of winning!


Save Time and Money

There is nothing worse than having to sit indoors by your computer, watching the bidding in an attempt to win an auction. Using SnipeStation means you no longer have to plan your day around the close of an auction, simply let us do the work for you. Once you have notified us of your bid, sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your day whilst our systems take control of everything for you.

Bid Early, Loose Out

There is absolutely no point in bidding for an item that ends in a few days time. It is a well known fact that early bids increase awareness and more importantly drive up the final price of an item. Why increase an items bid price when you can bid your maximum right near the close of an auction?

Snipe Groups

SnipeStation’s ‘Snipe Groups’ feature allows you to bid on various, similar auctions that you wish to win. As soon as you win your chosen number of auction(s) at the price you want, the rest of your bids will automatically be cancelled.

Free Advertising

Our AD TIME feature, allows you to earn advertising time on the SnipeStation front page. The more referrals you make the more advertising time you earn on the SnipeStation front page, where you can choose to advertise your eBay items or a website of your choice.

Avoid a Bidding War

It is common practice that two bidders attempt to assert themselves as the highest bidder in order to win an auction. This can spark a bidding war, often resulting in you paying more than you intend for an item. Using SnipeStation eliminates the chance of any bidding war occurring and ensures you will only pay what you intend to pay for an item.

Cancel Bids Easily

eBay only allow you to cancel your bid with a legitimate reason and even then it is a tricky, enduring process. SnipeStation allows you to cancel a bid 30 seconds before our servers place that bid for you, all at the click of a button.

Win More Auctions

Ultimately, by using the SnipeStation service you will win more auctions, at a lower price, in less time.

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