Why should I snipe?



Why should I snipe?

Q. What is eBay Sniping?

A. “eBay sniping” means to place your bid in the last closing seconds of an auction, leaving other bidders with no time to respond to your bid.

Q. What is SnipeStation?

A. SnipeStation is a service that automatically places your eBay bids for you to save you time and money. SnipeStation automates the process of placing your eBay bid, placing your bid with just seconds to go, significantly increasing your chances of winning.

Q. What is the advantage of sniping? Doesn’t eBay use a proxy bidding system?

A. When you bid at the last second, no one has time to respond to your bid. It doesn’t mean that you will always win an auction just because you snipe it. The truth is that most people rarely know what the maximum amount they are willing to pay for something is. Maybe you are really willing to pay £50.50 for something you thought £50 was your max, if it means the difference between getting it now or not. Even if you know exactly what your maximum price is, that doesn’t mean that other users do. A lot of people will wait till a few minutes before an auction is over, before decide if they are willing to pay more than the listed price to win something. With sniping, you don’t give people that opportunity.

Sniping eliminates bidding wars, often saving you several percent of the auction’s closing price. Sniping will also increase the percentage of auctions that you win, saving you time.

Q. Why should I choose SnipeStation over other sniping services?

A. SnipeStation is easy to use, extremely reliable and above all it’s the only totally free eBay sniping service.

Many sniping programs that you can download from the Internet are obsolete, meaning that they no longer work with eBay. Often, you won’t find that out until it is too late. Our system, on the other hand, is constantly being updated. Sniping from your home computer is extremely unreliable because your internet connection may be slow, or your computer can freeze during those last crucial seconds. Our bid-placing system is spread across multiple server machines on several high-speed networks, all synched to eBay time, and all backed up with a UPS. We understand that it is impossible to guarantee 100% uptime for a single server machine. However, our aim is to never miss a snipe.

We do not take your personal information or give your bid statistics to advertisers, nor do we require you to download any programs.

Q. Is sniping illegal, against eBay policy, fraud, or dishonest?

A. No. Sniping is 100% allowed according to eBay policy found here.


Using SnipeStation

Q. How do I get started?

A. Click on the “Sign Up” link on our home page, it only takes a minute to sign up and just a few seconds to place each snipe.

Q. When is my bid placed?

A. Your bid is placed electronically within the last few seconds of the auction. Our bidding programs can place your bid faster than a human is able to bid.

Q. Is it really totally free?

A. SnipeStation is a totally free service. We earn our revenue from our sponsors and therefore do not need to charge you for using our service.

Q. Can I cancel my bid?

A. Yes. You can cancel at any time prior to the last few seconds of the auction. See this feature under “Snipes”.

Q. What do I need in order to place a bid with SnipeStation?

A. All you need is a valid eBay account, if you don’t have one click here to sign up now for free.

Q. Why do you need my eBay username and password?

A. Our system requires your eBay username and password in order to electronically place your bid in the final seconds of the auction.

Q. What is Quick Snipe?

A. Quick Snipe is a feature that allows you to add new snipes even quicker. Once logged in simply submit the eBay item number and your maximum bid and your snipe will be registered in your account.

Q. Is my eBay username and password secure?

A. We do everything possible to protect your login and password. We provide you the option of using an SSL connection. SSL provides an encrypted link between our server and your browser to ensure the highest level of transaction security. For a more detailed description of our protocol, read our Privacy Policy.

Q. My bid was higher than the final selling price, but my bid doesn’t even show up in the bid history. Why?

A. eBay’s bidding system involves preset bid increments. When the price of an item is in a certain range, your bid must be higher than the current bid by the bid increment amount. Here’s an example: The current price of an item is £3.87. According to eBay’s chart of bid increments, the item is in the £1.00-£4.99 range, having a bid increment of £0.20. Your bid must be at least the current price (£3.87) plus the bid increment (£0.20). £4.07 is the minimum that you could bid.

Q. The final price of the item is the same as my bid. Why didn’t I win?

A. If you are bidding against another bidder’s maximum bid, you must enter a bid that is higher than their maximum, plus one pence. For example: If the current price of an item is £10, but that bidder has a maximum of £10.50, even though the bid increment is £0.50 for an item in this price range, you must bid at least £10.51 in order to be the high bidder on the item.

Q. If I place a snipe on an item, can I change the amount of my maximum bid at a later time?

A. Yes. Any time you place a new snipe on an item for which you have already entered a snipe, we replace the old maximum bid amount with your new maximum bid. You can either raise or lower your maximum bid on an item at any time prior to the last 30 seconds of the auction.

Q. Does my computer need to be on and/or online for SnipeStation to place my snipe?

A. No. SnipeStation operates on our own systems and never interacts with your computer in order to place a snipe. This is an example of why SnipeStation can present an advantage for people who have slow internet connections or people who do not want to leave their computer on late at night, waiting for an auction to end.

Q. Can I use SnipeStation with a Macintosh computer?

A. Yes. Because SnipeStation is accessed via the internet, all you need is a web browser to place and manage your snipes.

Q. Can I snipe an item in a foreign currency?

A. Yes. All bids are placed in the currency of the auction. This means that if the auction is in USD, and you enter 50.00, you will snipe the auction with a bid of $50.00 USD.

Q. What is AD TIME?

A. “AD TIME” is a feature, whereby the more referrals you make the more advertising time you earn on the SnipeStation front page. Click here for more information.

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