Download our FREE snipe Toolbar

Our FREE snipe toolbar for Internet Explorer, makes submitting snipes to snipestation a snap. Simply browse ebay as normal, and when you see something you want to snipe simply enter the amount, select a lead time and press the snipe it, the toolbar will do the rest.

Most importantly our toolbar is totally free, and contains NO SPYWARE – the toolbar supports our website, so we don’t need to support the toolbar with junk.

The benefits of using the snipebar are:

  • Quick and Easy Sniping
  • Easily see which items you have snipes on whilst browsing ebay
  • Continue browsing ebay without interupting your visit to create the snipe
  • Comes with full uninstall
  • 1 Click Download – No forms to fill in

In order to use our free toolbar you need:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or above
  • Pentium Class PC
  • And most importantly a snipestation account

If you don’t have a snipestation account please signup first

If you have, then please read the installation instructions, and download the toolbar

  • 1:Download the Toolbar ZIP File Below
  • 2:Extract the ZIP file to a folder and Run Setup.EXE
  • 3:If it asks you to reboot, we’re afraid you’ll have to obey, and run setup.exe again after the reboot
  • 4:Start Internet Explorer
  • 5:Right click on the toolbar area of internet explorer and check that the toolbars ARE NOT locked
  • 6:Right click and click on Snipestation2 – You may need to do this twice the first time
Sign up and start sniping