About Ad-Time

Advertise on our front page for FREE!!

The growth of SnipeStation is all down to you guys, the people who use the service. We need to increase the SnipeStation community and the only way we can do that is through you referring others to the service.

For other sites, the offering of free snipes to those who make referrals is an easy option, however when you already offer a COMPLETELY FREE SERVICE it becomes a little bit more difficult!

That’s why we have introduced ‘AD TIME’. AD TIME is a feature, whereby the more referrals you make the more advertising time you earn on the SnipeStation front page.

What can I advertise?

You may advertise one of the following:
1. Your eBay items.
2. A webpage of your choice. (This requires you to submit a .jpg or .gif file to your account).

Option 1 is the default option. To change these settings please modify your account settings.

How is AD TIME calculated?


SnipeStation has a total number of 100 new referrals sign up for the service in week 1. Our friend ‘Bob’ referred 10 of these new members through emailing his friends and distributing the SnipeStation link.

Bob’s ‘AD TIME’ for week 2 amounts to:

10 = 10% AD TIME

Therefore Bob’s advert will show on the SnipeStation front page for 10% of the duration for week 2. If Bob had have referred 50 of the new members his AD TIME would have amounted to a whopping 50% of the duration of week 2.

Where and when will my advert be seen?

Your advert will be shown on the front page.

Your advert will be shown on the SnipeStation front page for the percentage of AD TIME you earned from the previous weeks referrals.

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